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Taxes have gone through the roof, and regular working-class people cannot afford it. No one I speak to feels that the Michigan government is operating efficiently or providing a high level of service for the money they are getting from the taxpayers. Something must change. i will work to freeze and decrease taxes across the board. 

Man Welding


The people of Warren are hardworking, and proud of their
accomplishments. The problem is there is so much regulation along with a high corporate tax rate that we are not able to attract more companies to our area. This results in our State, and specifically Warren, not getting new job opportunities. I will work to reduce regulation and attract new jobs to Warren and the 13th District. 

Engineers and Businesspeople


With regulations keeping companies from choosing to locate in Warren, and causing us to lose the companies we have, we end up with a situation where companies do not need to compete for employees with high wages. I recognize this and will always vote to improve Michigan’s economic foundation to attract and keep employers who compete with good wages for our workers. 

Image by Valentina Locatelli


Local choice for zoning and Michigan First principles need to prevail for the people of Michigan to preserve their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We need balanced, fair thinking in managing our energy, which requires a mix of energy sources that ensures we are do not have blackouts with heat and electricity cut off. I will work hard to make sure Warren's energy needs put Warren residents and business first. 

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