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Government is designed to work together. Bipartisan solutions are often the best solutions. Unfortunately, in Lansing there is currently one-party control, and the ruling party is not even taking input from the minority party. So much so that at times in the House they are not even allowing differing opinions to be stated during testimony, blaming tight time frames, etc. The problem is the ruling party sets the agenda, and the timing. By electing Ronald Singer to the State House, your vote will lead to required bipartisanship - it will force Lansing to finally work together. It will ensure that all voices are heard, and no one will be shut out. Vote for government the way it is supposed to be - vote for bipartisan decisions - vote for required communication between parties - vote for Singer!


A vote for Singer is a vote for lower taxes in Michigan

LOWER TAXES and INFLATION - Taxes have gone through the roof, and regular working-class people cannot afford it. What complicates this is the inflation rate and its impact. Sadly, as citizens we are not getting value for the taxes we are paying. No one I speak to feels that the Michigan government is operating efficiently or providing a high level of service for the money they are getting from the taxpayers. Something must change. And Ronald Singer will work to freeze and decrease taxes across the board. His opponent is likely to vote with the majority party in Lansing which has gotten us into this mess. We cannot take it, and we cannot afford it. A vote for Singer is a vote for lower taxes in Michigan!

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More jobs and higher wages will be a
top priority for Singer

The people of Warren are hardworking, and proud of their
accomplishments. The problem is that in Michigan, there is so much regulation along with a high corporate tax rate that we are not able to attract more companies to our area. This results in our State, and specifically Warren, not getting new job opportunities. Worse yet we are not always keeping the companies we have. This results in less jobs and creates a situation where companies do not need to compete for employees with high wages. Ronald Signer recognizes this and will always vote to improve Michigan’s economic foundation to attract and keep employers. More jobs and higher wages will be a top priority for Singer as your Representative.



Over the last four years, District 13 has grappled with issues such as:

Economic Transformation: The decline of traditional manufacturing industries (such as automotive) has impacted the local economy. Efforts to diversify and attract new businesses have been mostly unsuccessful.  Instead of increasing opportunity, District 13 has decreased jobs and increased reliance on the government. 

Infrastructure and Transportation: Aging infrastructure, traffic congestion, and transit options have been pressing matters. Residents seek improvements to roads, bridges, and public transportation. The promise to "Fix the damn roads" was not kept in District 13.  

Social and Racial Dynamics: Challenges related to racial equity, housing, and community integration are failing from woke ideology. District 13 needs stronger family units with men working and supporting their families, and children raised to value their American heritage and our rich cultural diversity. 

Environmental Concerns: Environmental degradation, water quality, and sustainable practices have gained attention. Residents want clean water and reliable, affordable energy that will not leave them in blackouts for days or weeks or without heat in the winter. 

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